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Alice Fong

Holistic Doctor & Health and Wellness Coach


Software Engineers

Success Story

How Alice Added 3 New Clients In Her First 3 Weeks


$100K ARR

9 Months

600% Growth


$600K ARR

Before: Built a few businesses in the past but it was always slow growth. Although they were pretty successful, she wasn’t fulfilled and wanted to return back home to California to be closer to her family. At this point, she was basically starting fresh in a new place with a brand new business. Except this time she was going virtual! No more physical location!

Biggest Obstacles: No automation to have a predictable form of generating qualified conversations with her ideal clients. No idea on how to operate a business in a virtual landscape and scale it. No funds in the business, so it was very hard for her to re-invest back in herself or the business.

After: Now she has a consistent system that actually works and constantly generates interest with qualified candidates about her product. The business has grown so much now that she has to start bringing on more doctors to keep up with the fulfillment!

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Want Results Like This?

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