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Bilal Malas

Partner at Lux Sales Consulting


Financial Planners


How Bilal Went From $2k/Mo To Hitting 7 Figures


$100K ARR

9 Months

600% Growth


$600K ARR

Before working with us,

Bilal was running a Consultancy with his partner Ramzi, but had no way of getting in touch with his "ideal clients."

He was primarily just relying on cold emails, cold calls, cold outreach in general but was not seeing much success from it at all.

He described it to us as "very inconsistent and not predictable." After talking with Bilal further, we also uncovered his sales funnel isn't performing within KPI and possibly the biggest issue of them all, Cashflow was low.

At the time, Bilal was generating around $1,000 USD per month and continuing to attract very sub-par prospects with very little to no budget.

Bilal's biggest obstacle,

Was generating leads and then learn how to qualify and close them. The cold approach was not as effective anymore and it translated into a low number of appointments booked per week. This ultimately resulted in no new clients coming in and monthly revenue to stay the same.

While working with us,

He was able to dial in his messaging and build an organic pipeline without spending any money on ads, while increasing his prices and focusing on a better business-model and service-offering that was more profitable. He was also able to develop his sales skills on a completely new level than he’s seen before. So much so, he just sent us a message saying he closed a new client off of a 15-minute “Discovery Call!”

After working with us,

Bilal added an additional $140k/ year in 9 months. He is now doing $240k per year in recurring revenue. He is able to consistently generate 10-15 appointments a week. This system and process has allowed him to have more predictability in his business.

Within a matter of 4 months, he took his business to consistently booking 100+ appointments a month and scaled too over $20k+ monthly revenue.

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Want Results Like This?

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