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Chance Cerda

CEO & Founder at Kingsman Consulting



Success Story

How Chance Doubled His Investment In The First 30 Days


$100K ARR

9 Months

600% Growth


$600K ARR

Before working with us,

Chance had a solid fulfilment process. He had great people working for him, but a deep underlining issue he faced was generating quality conversations with people interested in his service.

He tried everything that he heard about online from other people in the industry, he even tried reverse engineering our process (which most people try to do) but, he was unable to see any sort of significant results or success.

Chance's biggest obstacle,

Was that he did not have a way to generate consistent leads and appointments. He tried Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ads, bought a bunch of different courses, but to no avail.

After working with us,

Within 2 weeks Chance doubled his investment. Chance now has  automated lead generation system with several Virtual Assistants on board helping him generate consistent, qualified appointments every single day. This had allowed him to have peace of mind knowing he has a predictable path to scaling his Business.

“It’s like a faucet that you can turn on or off”, Chance says.

Chance was also able to take some time off this summer and focus on his passion again, which is music, while he had the confidence and certainty that his business was still running, generating new clients, and growing without him!

Do you want results like this for yourself?

If you do, I have great news!

Solution: Chance is a client of our flagship "Enterprise Elite" Consulting program, that is truly cutting edge of what's working RIGHT NOW to land high-ticket Clients and Retainers, and pack your calendar calendar with qualified appointments.

We not only show you how to pack your calendar cost-effectively, but we also walk you through how to build out a remote, commission-based sales team to scale your business to $100k-$500k+/month.

This is fastest path to Profit, and you can be up-n-running within 21 days or less, and get clients within your first 30days (as you can see from Chances results)

Its proven and battle-tested with over 400+ Clients and from being in the trenches on the front lines for over 5+ years, BUT...

You've got to be hungry, driven, be up for the work, listen more than you talk, compete, implement proven processes, and show up daily.

Let's get you some REAL life changing results!

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Cheers, To Your Greatness!

- Mitch

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Want Results Like This?

Apply below for a Custom Growth Session
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