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Eric Eliah

Founder of Performance Accelerator




How Eric Went From $5k/mo Burnt Out To $30k/mo With A Team


$100K ARR

9 Months

600% Growth


$600K ARR

I recently sat down and interviewed one of my Clients, Eric Eliah,

Eric is a high performance coach helping entrepreneurs master their habits, routines, and optimize their health in order to grow their business.

Funny story — I actually hired Eric to help me with high performance habits,

then after the first session, I consulted him on how he can grow his High Performance Coaching business, and instantly signed up for my Program.

Before we started working together, Eric was making around $5k/mo, burnt out, grinding Facebook Messenger, and just needed a way to consistently generate bookings on his calendar.

The first thing we did was help him optimize his systems to get leads and appointments as he wasn't getting any traction...

From there, we dialled in his messaging & targeting, once we had that in place, he started growing consistently month after month.

After 5 months, he scaled from $5k/month to $30k/month —with a predictable sales pipeline, then I helped him hired Virtual Assistants and Appointment Setters to help him scale it further.

Here’s What We Cover:

  1. How Eric went from $5k/mo to $30k/mo in 5 months.

  2. How Eric solved his lead and appointment generation problem.

  3. The big shift from being a “one man band” to a true “CEO with a Team”.

  4. How Eric uses Virtual Assistants & Appointment Setters to fill his calendar with appointments.

  5. How he shifted his Personal Identity and became a better Entrepreneur.

  6. How putting himself into the “Clients Mind” helped him formulate his Messaging and “broke” his 1-on-1 client model due to too many clients, too fast.

  7. How Eric transitioned from 1-on-1, to Leveraged Coaching & had a major breakthrough.

  8. How Eric brought on A-Players & delegated lower-value, recurring tasks to work ON the business

Eric’s Biggest Takeaway:
"Knowing exactly what I need to do every single day to book calls and never having to worry about where my next appointment or client is going to come from."

I’m positive you’ll gain massive value from this interview!

Cheers, To Your Greatness!

- Mitch
Founder & CEO
Executive Advantage

P.S - If you want similar results and want to scale to $100k/mo within the next 6 months without spending money on paid ads, click here to learn more about how we can help you.

Video Transcript

Want Results Like This?

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