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Khalil Stultz

Partner at DirectKonnection




How Khalil Went From $12k/mo To $55k/mo With A Team


$100K ARR

9 Months

600% Growth


$600K ARR

I recently sat down and interviewed one of my Clients, Khalil Stultz,

Unlike most of our Clients, Khalil already had a lot of knowledge about lead generation and LinkedIn specifically, 

As he runs a LinkedIn Marketing Agency helping Financial Service businesses generate appointments. 

But it’s like the ole “chicken and the egg” story …

Where Khalil could get leads and appointments for his Clients, but struggled to get his appointment generation process dialled in for himself to scale his business.

His problem was putting the pieces together to have a seamless and scalable system for himself and his clients. 

At the time he was around $12k/mo when we first started working together and he just hit $55,000/month. 

He now has a consistent “Multi-Channel” system getting him consistent appointments, but more than that, getting his client even better results. 

He built a team for client fulfillment and brought on a Sales Rep to do all of the sales calls for him, while he works only ON the parts of the business that he wants to in order to scale further. 

Here’s What We Cover:

1. How Khalil went from $12k/month to $55k/month.

2. How Khalil uses a “multi-channel” follow up process off of LinkedIn to fill his calendar.

3. How Khalil dialled in his back-end client fulfilment so he could take on a lot more clients and scale.

4. How the program helped him optimize his Targeting & Copy helped increase his conversion rates and get pre-qualified booked appointments

5. How Khalil hired Appointment Setters & Closers to help fill him and his team's sales Calendar. 

6. How Khalil built a Team of Virtual Assistants to deliver appointments for him and his clients.

7. How Khalil builds referral & strategic partnerships on LinkedIn to get even more clients.

8. How going through the Program and observing how we get client results impacted his client delivery systems getting his clients amazing results, much faster. 

9. The Strategic Partnership strategy

And much more! 

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Hope you find massive value in this interview! 

- Mitch

Founder & CEO of Executive Advantage

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Video Transcript

Want Results Like This?

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