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Mike King

Founder & CEO at King Family Consulting


Real Estate Brokers

Success Story

How Mike Has Added Over $100k Since Working With Us


$100K ARR

9 Months

600% Growth


$600K ARR

Before working with us,

Mike had started building his Marketing Consultancy, King Family Consulting, but he needed to figure out this whole Online landscape out, and knew LinkedIn was a powerful resource he needed to use.

He was subscribed to my email list and YouTube channel for 6-8 months, lurking in the background, trying to piece things together, and reverse engineer what we had cracked the code.

After months of trying on his own, he was able to have a little bit of success and actually brought on a couple clients using the material learned just from my free content and then jumped into the program both feet.

Mike’s biggest obstacle,

Was that he didn't understand how to build and leverage systems to acquire clients and operate his online Consulting business more efficiently.

He struggled to have any sort of predictability and just needed a blueprint to follow every single day which he could execute on, and he knew he had to find a mentor and coach to “show him the ropes" to cut his learning curve and implement a proven system.

While working with us,

He was able to dial in his copy and core messaging, and build out his Outbound sales pipeline producing consistent opportunities, without spending any money on ads.

We were also able to look at his offer and pricing and restructure based on the massive value he was providing.

After working with us,

Mike booked 17 demos in the first 2 days and closed 10 of them, all from leads he generated from LinkedIn.

One of the Clients he brought on ended up signing a 6-figure contract with Mike — a monthly recurring fee + commission.

He now books 6-8 qualified appointments PER DAY now.

He's brought on more clients, more employees and is truly building a real Company now.

"This has paid for itself 100x over...

And if you think this is JUST about LinkedIn, wow... You're sorely mistaken.

The techniques and the strategies that Mitch and the Executive Team are going to show you, guarantee will blow your mind." - Mike King

Do you want results like this for yourself?

If you do, I have great news!

Solution: Mike is a client of our "Enterprise Elite" Consulting program, that is truly cutting edge of what's working RIGHT NOW to land high-ticket Clients and Retainers, and pack your calendar calendar with qualified appointments.

We not only show you how to build systems, pack your calendar cost-effectively, and dominate LinkedIn,

But we also walk you through how to delegate and build teams, and bring on a remote, commission-based sales team to scale your business to $100,000 to $500,000+ per month.

This is fastest path to Profit, and you can be up-n-running within 21 days or less.

Its proven and battle-tested process with 400+ Clients and from being in the trenches on the front lines for over 5+ years, BUT...

You've got to be hungry, driven, be up for the work, listen more than you talk, compete, implement proven processes, and show up daily.

Let's get you some REAL life changing results.

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Want Results Like This?

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