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Niall Heaton

Senior Account Manager at Altinet UK




How Niall Generated $700k In 6 Months


$100K ARR

9 Months

600% Growth


$600K ARR

I recently sat down and interviewed one of my Clients, Niall Heaton,

He is an Enterprise Level Sales Rep for an I.T. Security company in the U.K.

We dive into how he closed over $700,000 in Revenue from LinkedIn in 6 months, using my "Spearing Method."

His market gets hammered on LinkedIn and he needed a NEW way to get in front of the Decision Makers, stand out from everyone else, and book consistent appointments.

He then used my "Spearing Method" and LinkedIn system to fill his calendar, cut his Sales Cycle from 6 months down to under 30 days, pulled in over $700k in Revenue with $100's of thousands more in the pipeline.

Here’s What We Cover:

1. How Niall uses the "Spearing Method" to close 6-Figure Deals.

2. How Niall uses Video Prospecting to generate qualified appointments with C-Level Executives

3. The entire Sales process Niall uses to shorten his Sales Cycles.

4. How Niall closes $50k-$500k deals in 30 Days or less.

5. The process & framework Niall uses to craft his Video Prospecting videos.

6. How Niall generated over $700k in Revenue in 6 Months.

Hope you find massive value in this interview!

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Cheers, To Your Greatness!
- Mitch

Video Transcript

Want Results Like This?

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