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Nick Ruest

Founder & CEO at Global Business Advisors


Digital Agencies

Success Story

How Nick Doubled His Monthly Revenue In 1 Deal


$100K ARR

9 Months

600% Growth


$600K ARR

Before working with us,

Nick had run a SEO Marketing Agency and had taken multiple different courses on how to build out his business with no sustaining success. His longest lasting problem was cashflow, which stepped from a deeper problem: An anemic pipeline. He had also spent around $50,000 on courses with little results...

He started out in marketing space, offering SEO, selling low ticket services, and was barely scraping $10k/month.

He had no process in place on how to acquire new clients other than using his own SEO and some google ads which wasn't yielding a return.

He had no predictable appointment system to generate conversations with high-value, qualified prospects.

Nick's biggest obstacle,

Was finding a cost-efficient way to generate leads and close new Business. At a relatively low Revenue mark (just barely hitting 6-figures), he didn’t want to spend $10k on Facebook ads and hope to break even, or possibly make a loss, when there might be other solutions that could be more cost effective.

While working with us,

He was able to dial in his messaging and build an organic pipeline without spending any money on ads, while increasing his prices and focusing on a better business-model and service-offering that was more profitable, and required half the time to deliver.

After working with us,

Nick now leverages our proprietary LinkedIn Executive System to automate his leadgen efforts to pack his calendar with qualified appointments.

He was also able to hire a team of full time Virtual Assistants to take the entire front-end leadgen off his hands and back-end fulfilment, and scaled up from $120k per year to $300,000/yr while pocketing profits month after month.

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