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Nirav Gandhi

Founder & CEO at Funnel Simplified



Success Story

How Nirav added $446k in ARR in 12 months


$100K ARR

9 Months

600% Growth


$600K ARR

Meet one of our Clients, Nirav.

He runs a Marketing Agency helping B2B Enterprise I.T Companies get more Accounts.

Before working with us,

He was "Niche Hopping" — aka, struggling to find one market that he is passionate about helping solve their problem and can become the best (or only option) to help deliver their results and transformation.

His company was doing around $100k Annually (around $8k/mo), but needed help dialling in his market, his message, and a have reliable client acquisition system that he could use to land high-ticket clients and retainers, day in and day out.

While working this us,

He was able to identify his "dream clients" — B2B Enterprise I.T Companies,

And leverage our LinkedIn Automation System to pack his calendar with qualified appointments with these Enterprise Level I.T Companies.

After working with us,

He was able to land a few Big Clients — one for $10,000/mo + Rev Share, another one at $18,000/mo + Rev Share,

EVEN in the midst of this global pandemic.

Now, Nirav is doing over $446,000/yr with his Agency (roughly $50k/mo) and growing Month over Month.

Nirav: "I have never closed such a big retainer in 13 years of my professional career.”

Here's the full quote:

Do you want results like this for yourself?

If you do, I have great news!

When you are in an effective program that gives you a set of proven Revenue Generating Activities to execute on every single day, if you just follow those, you will get results.

Not only that — I will literally guarantee you results.

I'll take all of the risk for trying out our program, because I just know how jaded you are to seeing guru's promise you this and that...

I stand behind my program and we offer a 100% guarantee, if you implement the system

If you are on the sidelines, you might say to yourself: "I’ll try and figure it out on my own, I know what to do..."

At the end of the day you might think “I’ll just figure it out tomorrow”... just like Nirav used to do...

You will now have a proven process, a proven system (6+ year track record, over 400+ clients), guidance and mentorship from someone who is doing it in their OWN business at the highest levels,

With a “Dynamic, Customized Action Plan” and a Nurturing Community of Winners to support you,

You can achieve some truly extraordinary things in a relatively short amount of time, like scaling to $100k+/month within the next 6 months.

So, what are you waiting for?

Jump on a Live Demo with myself and we will walk you through the system, and if you want to move forward, great, I will back it up and guarantee your results. If it's not a good fit, no worries, at the very least you will see under the hood for free.

— Book Your Live Demo Here —

Cheers, To Your Greatness!

- Mitch

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Want Results Like This?

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