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Olivia Lobell

Founder at Atração de Clientes



Success Story

From $350k to 1.29 million per year


$100K ARR

9 Months

600% Growth


$600K ARR

Olivia and her husband help Spanish and Portuguese coaches build and grow a 6-figure online coaching business.

Before working with us,

They were on the low end 6-figures, doing around $350k per year, and were spending about $25,000 per month on Facebook Ads — which most of the people they were attracting did not even have the finances to invest in their coaching program.

Their biggest obstacle,

Was spending money on ads and still having 70% of the people getting on the calls unqualified — which is not sustainable, as profits can quickly become non-existent.

The main problem was having no way of qualifying the prospects before they booked a call.

In order for them to scale their business to 7-figures, they were looking for a way to build more "organic revenue streams" that did not rely solely on Facebook Ads, and get more qualified appointments on the calendar, and they knew exactly where to look.

Olivia applied for a Custom 1-on-1 Growth Session and asked for my help, and was interested in how she could leverage LinkedIn and other organic strategies to scale to $100k+/month.

After working with us,

We helped her and her husband optimize their business and build out a completely automated organic system (without paid ads) using LinkedIn and sales reps to generate highly-appointments.

They were able to DOUBLE their business in just few month of working with us to $700,000 in Revenue.

Olivia and Marcelo regularly show up to our weekly Consulting Calls where we dive in and optimize their systems and overall business.

They're on track to DOUBLE AGAIN and hit $1.29M in Revenue.

Do you want results like this for yourself?

If you do, I have great news!

Solution: Olivia and Marcelo recently joined our Brand New "Enterprise Elite" Consulting program, that is truly cutting edge of what's working RIGHT NOW to land high-ticket Clients and Retainers, and pack your calendar calendar with qualified appointments.

We not only show you how to pack your calendar cost-effectively, but we also walk you through how to build out a remote, commission-based sales team to scale your business to Additional $100,000 - $500,000 per month.

This is fastest path to Profit, and you can be up-n-running within 21 days.

Let's get you some REAL life changing results!

It won't be easy nor instantaneous — but if you DO THE WORK and stick at it— I guarantee you'll see results (we provide a written guarantee).

Click here to apply and let's crush it together!

Cheers, To Your Greatness!

- Mitch

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Want Results Like This?

Apply below for a Custom Growth Session
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