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Portia Asli

Founder at Optimyzed Brain




How Portia Increased Her Price By 1,000% & Gets Fortune 100 Executives As Clients Using Our LinkedIn System


$100K ARR

9 Months

600% Growth


$600K ARR

5-Figures for Brain Optimization?

I recently sat down with one of my clients, Portia.

She runs a company called “Optimzyed Brain” where she helps Founders & Executives achieve high performance in business (and personal life) through Brain Optimization.

We dive into her journey working with us, how she closed an Executive at Fortune 100 Company, went from charging under $1,000 to now $5-Figures, and is getting consistent clients leveraging our LinkedIn system.

Before working together, Portia had joined a few other programs and her main problem was STILL — getting clients.

Everything she was doing was Manual, it was time consuming, and taking her away from what she loves doing — helping her clients make transformations.

She was also heavily undercharging for the value she provides, charging under $1,000 when she was helping clients like SaaS Founders become sharper, more focused to help raise $100m’s.

She wanted to get in front of more Founders, CEO’s, and Business Owners, as she had no consistent appointment generation process in place.

The first thing we did was instantly increase the price of her program more than 1,000% to command a premium for her services, with her highest ticket offer being over $5-figures.

Now, she’s able to generate consistent appointments with Founders, CEO's & Executives by leveraging LinkedIn, even getting channel partnerships to speak in front of large audiences with her ideal clients,

And she even closed an Executive at a Fortune 100 company!

Now, if you want results like Portia,

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Leveraging our Automated Organic LinkedIn System, YouTube Ads & a Remote, Commission-Based Sales Team.


Cheers, To Your Greatness!

- Mitch

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Want Results Like This?

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