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Scott Alexander

Founder & CEO at iVelocity Marketing



Success Story

How Scott Stopped Running Paid Ads & Grew His Agency To $225k/month


$100K ARR

9 Months

600% Growth


$600K ARR

Before working with us,

Scott was relying solely on Facebook ads to acquire more clients, and did not know of any other effective and cost-efficient way to acquire more high-value clients for his business.

It was working for them, as they were already doing roughly $100k/ month, but he wanted to diversify his channels, and get a higher ROI.

He had no system in place on how to acquire these new clients other than spending $8-10,000/month on Facebook ads which wasn't yielding a good returns.

He had no predictable appointment system to generate conversations with high-value, qualified B2B healthcare companies.

Scott's biggest obstacle,

Was really finding a proven, coast-efficient way to bring in new leads organically without just relying on Facebook as the only channel (which as most people figure out, FB can be trigger happy with banning Ad Accounts).

While working this us,

He was able to dial in his messaging and build an organic pipeline without spending any money on ads, and focusing on systematizing and productizing his marketing service-offering, which was more profitable, and required half the time to deliver.

After working with us,

The system is working so well they’ve stopped all paid advertising completely and have been able to scale up to $225k/month in 9 months, while growing 30% MOM, even in the heart of the pandemic.

30% Month Over Month Growth

Solution: Scott recently joined our Brand New "Enterprise Elite" Consulting program, that is truly cutting edge of what's working RIGHT NOW to land high-ticket Clients and Retainers, and pack your calendar calendar with qualified appointments.

We not only show you how to pack your calendar cost-effectively, but we also walk you through how to build out a remote, commission-based sales team to scale your business to $100k-$1M/month.

This is called "solving the problem from the root to the leaves, and leaving no stones left unturned."

This is fastest path to Profit, and you can be up-n-running within 21 days or less.

Its proven and battle-tested process from being in the trenches on the front lines for over 5+ years with 400+ Clients, BUT...

You've got to be hungry, driven, be up for the work, listen more than you talk, compete, implement proven processes, and show up daily.

Let's get you some REAL life changing results!

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Video Transcript

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Want Results Like This?

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