3 Reasons To Be More Skeptical

Completely fresh perspective on skepticism.

Mitch Gonsalves

President & CEO at Executive Advantage
April 19, 2021
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For better or worse, our thoughts create our reality.

In our quest for certainty, some of us will gladly sacrifice “Truth”.

Our unconscious, unexamined thoughts, and beliefs create situations where we are put in environments that could be harmful to us.

Some will WALL themselves off from ideas and opportunities that can improve their lives, and businesses.

Some may even feel that people with different views are hostile or dangerous to them.

That's an unproductive and limiting kind of skepticism!

I’m going to offer a completely fresh perspective on skepticism, right now!

You see, good skepticism offers you these 3 benefits

  • It helps you uncover the truths, limitations and extremities.
  • It helps you poke into the unknown-unknowns of our unconscious mind.
  • It helps you become better at critical thinking and make better decisions overall.

As discussed in an earlier email series, 4 negatives impulses of a CEO, you’ll probably remember,

Looking for total certainty is a trap— it makes us "feel in control",

But — we must fall in love with the truth,

Ask "WHY" 5 times to get to the root cause, and more so...."How?"

Think critically about it!

Invest time to check the validity and usefulness of what you let inside you mind,

Observe your own pattern of thinking and decision-making,

Write it down. Examine it. Distill it down to it's First Principles.

Is this a valid way to think about this particular subject? What am I not seeing?

All of us desire our lives and businesses to go exactly according to our plans.

  • According to our Ideological Vision
  • According to what we learned, or what we already know
  • According to what our mentors advised us,

But most everything in life and Business is "Non-Linear",

Yet, we all wish to know what will happen next...

However, the environment is out of everyone’s control.

The good news is, we can form a standard latticework which we can hang our thinking on,

a software system, sort of say, in our brain about how we go about our thinking and questioning.

Questioning the assumptions, and discovering the extremities of ideas.

Because, as information becomes more abundant, its usefulness decreases,

What we need then, is a unified field theory that can help identify "signal" from "noise", and navigate effortlessly through the rough sea's of uncertainty,

To grow exponentially in the world of hyped up, dopamine charged, information overdose.

This is the superpower of the "Master Craftsman",

The one who can block out the noise, and create exceptional, mind-bending work that will unlock new heights of personal and professional achievement.

If you're ready to do the best work of entire life,

And transcend the current market conditions to take your Life, Work, and Business to extraordinary levels,

Then apply for a 1-on-1 Scaling Session with myself and my team here.


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