3 Types of Biz Owners. Which one are you ?

Mitch Gonsalves

President & CEO at Executive Advantage
April 15, 2021
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You've probably heard the quote: "Only 10% of Businesses make it passed the 5 year mark..."

In my experience I have seen 3 types of Business Owners in the online landscape, these are:

1. Opportunistic Business Owners

2. Passive Business Owners (Not really a biz owner, more like hobbyists)

3. Long Term Focused Business Owners

“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked." -Warren Buffet

Every now and again, Nature makes it turn and washes the first two away,

May it be a Pandemic or a Financial Crisis...

Only people in the third category survive.

When the tide goes out,

You may have seen those in Category 1 and 2 looking at each other, looking for clues on what to do next....

Then all of the sudden they are on Youtube like: “How do I learn to sell on Amazon?” lol.

And surely, you’ve seen those Facebook Ad gurus.

I mean, Facebook Ads "can" work great, but let me ask you how profitable have they been for your business? (if you're even using them)

Most start-out, even established Businesses can't even afford Paid Ads or know how to make them profitable..

And the ones that do, seem to talk about Facebook Ads like they have discovered Electricity or something....

Strangely Facebook Ads have been here now from longer than 10+ years now.

Vast majority of Advertisers are “quick-buck” focused guru's whose businesses would completely evaporate literally overnight if Mr.Zuck turned off their Ad Account.

Now, I don't know about you, but that's NO WAY to operate a Business...

I’m telling this to EVERY Digital Marketer or Ad-Addict out there who thinks Facebook Ads are the holy grail: “You’re on thin ice.”

Once you’ve got something that’s working, the clock’s ticking.

And for us, we've found how to yield 2-5x ROI by leveraging some additional activities that require no additional marketing or ad spend.

Business Owners in the third category know what I'm talking about.

You’ve got limited time to turn that thing into a “REAL” business with some sustainability and reliability.

You can’t just be relying on these paid ads forever, although they’re great if you do it correctly.

[We consistently spend $60k - $100k per month on YouTube ads with predicable success, they are good for cash - flow but okay for profit, most of our MEGA profits come from our time-tested Outbound Prospecting & Organic Farming strategies with our Sales Team]

You NEED to learn more about how you can sustainably generate qualified sales appointments and opportunities each week with your ideal clients.

I recommend these 4 Timeless-Strategies:

  1. Build a FlyWheel (Feedback Loop through; Word of Mouth + Client Experience + Referrals)
  2. Learn Outbound & Organic Prospecting (LinkedIn, especially)
  3. Deliver exceptional results to your clients and acquire Case Studies
  4. Provide additional Products/Services to your existing happy clients

I lectured everyone in category 1 how these thin-ice, “make-a-quick-buck” now online today, gone tomorrow, weren’t really businesses in the first place...

they are just arbitrage opportunities with very low barriers to entry.

TODAY, literally anyone can start Marketing with very little cost, from anywhere around the Globe,

How will YOU differentiate yourself and build a real, long-term sustainable business?

Especially for people in second category:

If anyone can do what you do, then suddenly someday you are going to find yourself working longer, harder and more frequently,

And getting paid less and less...

Meanwhile…I’ll admit, Members of Executive Advantage are building solid businesses and are ALWAYS in demand.


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