How To BUY Your Time Back (4 Proven Ways)

Why I Hired A Chef, Maid & Get $200 Hair Cuts

June 10, 2021
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In this video I’m going to show you how you can BUY your time back.

I’ll walk through how you can save an extra 10-20 hours per WEEK, that you can put back in your business and personal life to increase your lifestyle and quality of life.

If you find yourself doing menial, time-consuming tasks like:

- Cooking

- Laundry

- Cleaning

- Admin

- Follow up

- Manual prospecting

- Scrolling social media… 

And come to the end of the work day feeling like:

"Where the ‘F’ did my time go?"

Your time got sucked into a vacuum — that’s where it went, and you will never get it back. 

I'll explain — Why I Get Prepped Meals From A Chef Delivered To My Doorstep, Have A Maid Come In Twice per Month, and Get My Barber To Come To My House For $200.

Look, Time is FINITE — we only have a certain amount of it. 

I can hear you saying right now: "I can’t afford to do that." .. or "is that really necessary, Mitch?"

… Well .... can you afford to continue wasting your most precious, finite resource — TIME?

Look at it this way:

Let’s say an hour of your time is worth $500 — I'm sure you're worth more than that ;) ...

And it takes you 2 hours a day to cook meals (lunch, dinner) and clean up afterwards...

You spend 1 hour a day doing Admin work…

3 hours a day prospecting, doing follow up, replying to emails…

That’s already $3,000 worth of your time essentially down the drain.

Not to mention how many hours in a WEEK you spend wasting on other menial tasks. Am I right?!

Here’s How To Buy Your Time Back:

  1. Hire a chef / get prepped meals

  2. Hire a House Assistant (cleaner, laundry, drycleaning, etc.)

  3. Hire a Virtual Assistant (for admin, prospecting, related tasks, etc.)

  4. Leverage Systems & Automation


You could hire a V.A for $5-8/hr...

You could order healthy prepped meals for $10-15/meal delivered to your doorstep from a Chef...

You could hire a House Assistant for $10-20/hr...

And you COULD leverage our Automation System & Appointment generation systems to handle all of your prospecting and follow up efforts for you...

If you truly want to get to that NEXT LEVEL, you have to start maximizing and LEVERAGE your finite resource, TIME — as well as your energy and capital allocation.

Hope you find massive value in this video!

- Mitch

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