How To Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator To Generate Appointments

Learn how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to get clients for virtually free

April 15, 2021
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​In today's I reveal exactly how to generate clients off the Largest Online Business Platform in the World - LinkedIn.

I’m going to show the exact process on how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and source high-quality leads off LinkedIn right now

Whether you’re a Consultant, a Coach, run a Marketing Agency, offer Software Subscriptions or Professional Services.

This is no-fluff, no B.S. approach -- I dive in and share my screen with you and take you click by click through the entire process.

I also provide you with a Cheatsheet for you to reference to build off of, and implement the Strategy for your own Business.

Here’s what we cover:

- How To Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator Like a Private Investigator

- Defining Your Optimal Client Profile

- Pin-Pointing Relevant Blockers/Problems/Challenges Within Your Niche

- How to Find & Identify The Decision Makers

- Selecting The Highest-Quality Keywords

- The 2 “List-Types” To Source Quality Leads

- Exploiting the “Low Hanging Fruit” on LinkedIn

- How To Use Advanced Boolean Searches In Sales Navigator

- Network Effect: How to Leverage Your 2nd Degree Network

- Keeping Your Account Compliant With LinkedIn (Dangers To Watch Out For)

- 5 Additional Super Ninja Tips To Get Killer Results

I hope you find massive value in this!

I’ll be releasing more content like this.

I’ve been in the trenches building and creating - my mission is to help you succeed at the highest levels and put you in a superior position over the competition and experience unprecedented growth.


Cheers, To Your Greatness!

- Mitch

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