You Don't Need To Have Passion To Succeed, It's a Myth

Mitch Gonsalves

President & CEO at Executive Advantage
April 15, 2021
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One of the things I see plaguing most people's thinking is "too much passion",

Especially when talking to the market and gathering feedback.

You have to be dispassionate sometimes.

To make it in Business you have contradict popular beliefs and be right.

It's something that Billionaire, Ray Dalio, talks about frequently:

"In order to be successful both as an investor and an Entrepreneur, one has to be an independent thinker, and bet against the consensus and be right."

A short time ago, we had invested a great deal of time & a significant amount of funds back into making our product insanely better,

But what is "better"?

How do you define “better"?

Our product serves one main purpose:

Making our clients more profits & impact in the fastest, most cost-efficient, and predictable way possible.

How do we do that?

We help our clients cut waste in all areas, dial in systems, maximize or even remove spending on ads completely, and generate quality & quantity of sales appointments from LinkedIn, and thus more profits,

And now I can say without a doubt, we do that better than anybody else.

Coming back to my earlier point,

NO sane businessman should try to make his product just “better.”

One must first learn how to shut the F up and listen to the market.

Without any judgements... I mean just listen to them.

What are they saying?

Plain, dispassionate listening, using rationality, and objectivity.

Just asking questions.

NO Biases.

NO Justifications.

Asking questions you know will hurt your feelings, like you don’t even care about your Business (But you do, more than anything...)

You just listen to what they have to say.

Lock up all your passion in a cage, there will be time for you to unleash it, but it's not now.

Do that with all your clients and keep on doing it, in a never-ending cycle,

Until you have a clear picture of not just “better”, but Revolutionary.

Now, you can let the passion out, let the creative side of you unleash, and get the juices flowing…

Only then you’ll create something truly Astonishing.

Pushing the envelope forward.

If you're dissatisfied with where you're at in life and business,

Book a 1-on-1 Session with myself and my team, and let's take you to the NEXT Level! 


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