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An Elite Mastermind For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Scale Their Business To $1-10M

Live In-Person Events

Attend live in-person events in Miami, Los Angeles and other locations around the world. Learn in an immersive "real world" environment, stand on the shoulders of giants, learn from some the most successful people in the industry and gain access to cutting edge strategies.

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Hands On 1-on-1 Support

Upgrade your inner circle, become friends with other successful entrepreneurs running 7-figure businesses and network with high level individuals with whom you can learn and do business.

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Be At The Forefront & Unlock Tools To Systemize Everything

You’ll be able to see 2-years into future and be at the “knife’s edge” of your market and competition. You will also get exclusive access to tools for systemizing your business, financials, & operations to run your business lean and efficiently.

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Set A New Standard of Excellence

The hygiene standard is 7-figures and the goal is to get to 8-figures. Join a team of high-caliber people who force you to operate at peak performance in your personal life and business.

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The Board

Live Events 4x/year
The Board is an Annual Mastermind where you can attend Quarterly 3-day Live Events — virtual and in-person. It’s a place to network and connect with an elite group of 7-figure entrepreneurs. The Live Events are to discuss higher level topics, solve bigger problems, and access new, exclusive strategies for growing and scaling your business. Events are recorded and available online.
Elite Group of Entrepreneurs
Rather than having to figure everything out on your own, you’re given the opportunity to learn from other people who are in similar positions, with similar experiences, and who are on the same path as you. Using Napoleon Hill's “Master Mind” Principle, we put you in a winning environment & online community with like-minded entrepreneurs who force you to level up.
Weekly Mastermind Sessions
Every single week, we host live Mastermind Sessions over Zoom where we discuss solving higher level problems, engineering more efficient systems, and scaling strategies. We can dive into your business, share screens, provide more 1-on-1 time, and deliver a higher level of support to this very tight knit group.
Next Level Content & Systems
Unlock access to our absolute best content and systems. We cover “never before seen” topics like Financials & Cash Flow, Scaling Paid Advertising on YouTube, Facebook & Google Ads, Operational Excellence, Scaling a Sales Team, and a lot more.

Miami, Florida

When: October 21, 22 & 23 — 2022

The Board Mastermind Experience

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* Limited Seats Available Due To The Intense 1-on-1 Time*

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